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Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved academic and personal excellence. Some scholarships are awarded solely on academic performance. Others are based on a combination of academic achievement and proven personal excellence including leadership and community involvement.

Entrance scholarships

Find out more about UOIT’s entrance scholarships.

In-course scholarships

Each year, students who excel academically at UOIT are awarded scholarships. There are no applications for these awards and qualified students within each faculty are selected and notified through their email.

Project Hero Scholarship program

In recognition of the heroism and personal sacrifices of fallen Canadian Forces personnel, UOIT will waive tuition and residence fees for the dependants of the men and women killed while serving in an active military mission. The scholarships are part of Project Hero, an initiative aimed to help children of deceased Canadian soldiers obtain a post-secondary education free of financial constraints.

UOIT will provide the full amount of tuition for four years of an undergraduate degree and the first year of on-campus residence fees to eligible recipients. The Project Hero Scholarship program at UOIT is effective from September 2009 to August 31, 2014. Individuals awarded the scholarship before August 31, 2014 will continue to benefit from their scholarship for the remainder of their four-year study period.

To learn more, visit the UOIT student tab on the MyCampus website.

UOIT International Education Scholarship

UOIT is pleased to provide allocated funding through the support of the UOIT International Education Scholarships for students who complete some of their academic program abroad through their faculty with approval.

These scholarships will provide eligible students with financial support for an eligible period of academic study, work term or co-op placement outside of Canada.

Please note that there are three deadline dates depending upon when your program begins.

  • March 15 for programs beginning between April 1 and July 31.
  • May 31 for programs beginning between August 1 and December 31.
  • September 30 for programs beginning between January 1 and March 31.

To learn more, visit the UOIT student tab on MyCampus.

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