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Clean Energy Research Laboratory

Clean Energy Research Laboratory

The Clean Energy Research Laboratory (CERL) is used to conduct research on hydrogen production, heat engines and nanotechnology. Currently, researchers are working on the world's first lab-scale demonstration of a copper-chlorine cycle for thermochemical water splitting and nuclear hydrogen production. Hydrogen is a clean energy carrier of the future and potentially major solution to the problem of climate change.

Clean energy research lab

Using nuclear, solar or other heat sources (such as waste heat from furnaces or industrial plant emissions), the Cu-Cl cycle promises to achieve higher efficiencies, lower environmental impact and lower costs of hydrogen production than any other existing technology. In addition, research in CERL is conducted on new types of heat engines for cleaner generation of electricity, including a Marnoch heat engine, and nanotechnology devices for waste heat recovery in automotive, computer, mobile device and other applications.

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