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The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Integrated Planning (PACIP) works to build on the university's recent successes and to ensure all activities (enrolment, budget, expansion, etc.) have a co-ordinated approach and are performed effectively and efficiently. This will be achieved through evidence-based decision-making, characterized by a high-level of transparency, and the need for a new approach to resource allocation. planning, resource allocation and assessment circles orbiting around a central mission circle

PACIP's mandate: 

  • Research, discuss, review, and advise on issues that are key to the university's development.
  • Develop and implement a more comprehensive approach to planning that co-ordinates the many efforts underway, identifies specific ‘gaps’ in our planning approach and ultimately ensures enrolment and resources are aligned to support the institutional mission and vision for the future.

Since the inception of the project emphasis has been placed on establishing the main components of the Integrated Planning Framework (committee structure, membership and terms of reference) as well as identifying and beginning development on key protocol issues.

The integrated plan will:
  • Focus on making UOIT the best university for students.
  • Be developed, implemented and evaluated in a transparent manner.
  • Include faculty and involvement in the development and implementation.
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