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Provost's Advisory Committee on Integrated Planning (PACIP) mandate and responsibilities

The Provost's Advisory Committee on Integrated Planning (PACIP) is mandated to:

  • To research, discuss, review, and advise on issues that are key to the university's development.
  • To develop and implement a comprehensive approach to planning that:
    • Co-ordinates the many efforts underway.
    • Identifies specific ‘gaps’ in the university's planning approach.
    • Ensures resource alignment to support the institutional mission and vision for the future.


  • Oversee the development of policies and operational plans to translate the university’s strategic directions into reality.
  • Ensure planning activities are co-coordinated and identify gaps in planning.
  • Monitor the progress of planning initiatives.
  • Prepare discussion papers for university-wide consideration on particular policy issues of critical importance to the institution.
  • Inform the development of the institution’s future strategic plans.
  • Set the planning framework and expectations for faculties and administration.
  • Ensure the university’s resource allocation processes and allocations are consistent with the institution’s strategic directions.
  • Provide advice to the Provost on other matters as required.
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