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The University of Ontario Institute of Technology strives to develop an environment where the practise of integrated planning can take hold and flourish. Successful integrated planning implementation requires the involvement of all members of the university community.

In 2014 the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Integrated Planning (PACIP) was established to bring together senior academic leaders and administrators into a single forum to research, discuss, review, and advise on issues that are key to the university’s development. PACIP engages staff, students and faculty support for the learning that takes place in the classroom, laboratory or library. This forum also helps to inform and to implement the decisions of the university’s governance bodies.

PACIP is supported by various practical taskforces that apply the technical knowledge of its members to specific challenges facing the university. The taskforce shares its technical knowledge with the entire university community, either through open forums or directly through PACIP or Academic Council.

The following reports will be presented in the months specified below: 

November Enrolment
December Budget
January Space
February Retention
March Recruitment
April External Relations
May Research
September Strategic plan report back            
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