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Administrative Council Committees and Task Forces

Committees and subcommittees will be standing committees of the Council focused on particular matters related to the university’s operations and reporting to the Administrative Council with updates and recommendations. A member of the Administrative Council will chair the committee. Terms of Reference will be approved by Administrative Council.

Task Forces may be established from time to time to respond to a complex issue or undertaking that cuts across several areas of the university.  The terms of reference will be developed by Administrative Council and/or its committees with defined deliverables and planned reporting requirements and approved by Administrative Council. The Chair of each Task Force may report directly to Council or to a committee of the council. Membership on Task Forces may include UOIT community members who are not members of the council.

A listing of Administrative Council Committees and Taskforces will be kept up to date with their terms of reference.  The Administrative Council will be responsible for the following committees and subcommittees:

Senior Academic Committee (formerly Senior Academic Team)   

Deans' Council Subcommittee
Student Success Subcommittee
Teaching & Learning Advisory Subcommittee
Strategic Enrolment Management Subcommittee
Indigenous Education Advisory Circle      

Organizational Development 

Health & Safety Subcommittee
Healthy Workplace Subcommittee
Mental Health Subcommittee
Job Evaluation Executive Oversight Committee
Job Evaluation Subcommittee
Pension and Benefits Subcommittee
Awards and Recognition Subcommittee                   

Compliance Oversight     

Policy Advisory Subcommittee
Risk Management Subcommittee
Accessibility Subcommittee
Sustainability Subcommittee
Research Compliance Subcommittee
Student Sexual Violence Prevention and Support Subcommittee

University Connects 

International Opportunities Subcommittee
Partnerships Subcommittee
Information Technology Subcommittee
Town and Gown Subcommittee

TASKFORCE reporting directly to University Administrative Council

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce
Indigenous Reconciliation Taskforce
Integrity Taskforce


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