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Terms of Reference

The University Administrative Council provides effective, responsive and informed leadership on matters related to the operations of the university. It will establish administrative procedures and regulate standards. Comprised of the university’s senior leaders it serves as a forum for researching, discussing, reviewing, and advising on issues of importance to the university’s academic and administrative success. 

The Administrative Council’s mandate is to ensure that administrative and operational directions and decisions across the university are inspired and informed by the university’s strategic plan. Its members ensure that the university’s resources are best aligned to support the institution’s mission and vision.

Specifically, the University Administrative Council provides leadership in the following areas:

  • Approving/recommending operational policies and procedures and advising on the appropriate governance processes. 
  • Approving/recommending strategic documents (e.g. overarching strategic plan, unit plans).
  • Advising on how to best allocate limited budget and space resources consistent with the university’s strategic directions, including
    • reviewing, recommending a multi-year financial planning and budgeting framework including specific reference to methodologies for determining allocations;
    • exploring opportunities for resource enhancement;
    • recommending the policies/procedures necessary to optimize the efficient utilization of university facilities;
    • reviewing, recommending current and future priorities with respect to facility and space needs, including the Campus Master Plan, enrolment, research activity, and partnerships.
  • Approving terms of reference for administrative committees and task forces as required. 
  • Ensuring timely and appropriate communications to Academic Council and the broader university community to enhance dissemination of information and to inform consultation.
  • Approving/recommending clear metrics, indicators and targets for annual evaluations of university activity.



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