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Compulsory ancillary fees 2018-2019

Fees charged per credit hour

  • 2018-2019


    Full-time fee (Fall/Winter)

    Per credit hour

    Maximum fee per term

    Student Life1




    Health and Wellness2




    Campus Health Centre3




    Infrastructure and Service Enhancements4




    Campus Access and Safety5




    These fees are charged on a per credit hour basis. The full-time fee indicates what a student taking a full-time course load over the Fall and Winter semester will pay.

    Part-time students (enrolled in eight credit hours or fewer per semester) can calculate their ancillary fees by multiplying the per credit hour fee by the number of credit hours they are enrolled in over the Fall and Winter semesters.

    1. University-wide programs and services focusing on student success: specialized academic support and programming in math, science, writing and ESL writing; new student transition programming; peer mentoring; leadership development; off-campus housing; career and employment services; and support for international, mature, graduate and online students.
    2. Professional health-care services, counselling and mental health support.
    3. Campus-wide health-care services including medical care, chiropractic, massage therapy, nutrition counselling, orthotics, pharmacy and physical therapy.
    4. Upgrades and enhancement of operations, facilities or infrastructure dedicated to student use.*
    5. General student space overhead, access copyright and campus safety services, including campus ID, Campus Walk, security monitoring and Code Blue stations.

Technology-enriched learning - flat fee

  • 2018-2019



    Faculty of Business and Information Technology – Game Development and Entrepreneurship1


    Faculty of Business and Information Technology – Commerce2


    Faculty of Business and Information Technology – Networking and IT Security2


    Faculty of Education – Consecutive Education (Year 1 only)2


    Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science1


    Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science1


    Faculty of Health Sciences2


    Faculty of Science2


    Faculty of Social Science and Humanities2


    This fee is charged in full in the Fall semester or when a student is admitted to UOIT. Fee level dependent on program to provide a unique environment to enrich learning.

    1. Students enrolled in these faculties participate in the technology-enriched learning program that includes the use of hardware (laptop/tablet) and receive extensive technical support, virus protection and insurance.
    2. Students enrolled in these faculties participate in the Bring Your Own Device technology-enriched learning program. This fee covers course-specific software, software support and exam support.*

Flat fees

  • 2018-2019


    Total fee

    Fee per semester

    Health and Dental1



    International Health Insurance (UHIP)2



    These fees are charged once per year in the Fall semester or when a student is admitted to UOIT. Fees are for full-time students only.

    1. Fee set by insurer for extended health/dental services. Students who have other coverage can use the student insurance in co-ordination with their current coverage to increase coverage, or they can opt out of the dental and extended health portion of the plan. Please visit the Student Association website for more information and deadline dates for opt out.
    2. Fee for international students set by insurer for basic health-care services. This fee applies only to international students.


    Total fee

    Fee per semester

    U-Pass for Fall 2017/Winter 20183



    Athletics Complex Membership4






    Campus Recreation and Wellness6



    Student Organization Fees7



    Varsity Fee8



    Instructional Resource9



    WUSC Student Sponsorship10



    These fees are applied to full-time students. Half of the fee is charged in the Fall semester and the other half is charged in the Winter semester.

    3.  The U-Pass fee increases effective September 1, 2018 to $135 per semester, an increase of 6.3 per cent. Half of the U-         Pass fee is charged in the Fall semester and the other half is charged in the Winter semester.*
    4.  Total access of fitness centre and Campus Field House.
    5.  Intramural program run by Campus Recreation and Wellness Centre.
    6.  Mortgage, capital refresh and operating costs as approved by referendum.
    7.  Student Union fee for student-run services, support and outreach, and operating costs. 
    8.  Intercollegiate athletics programs in hockey, soccer, golf, rowing, badminton, curling, dance and women’s lacrosse as               approved by referendum.
    9.  Supports a variety of digital learning resources and associated assessment tools created by third-party vendors, assists         in the maintenance of specialized facilities, and provides the instructional/technical support associated with technology         enriched learning.*
    10.  Annual sponsorship of a World University Service of Canada (WUSC) student through the Student Refugee program.

Important note: Fees are subject to change without notice. Every effort has been made to ensure the fees listed on this page are accurate. In the event of an inconsistency between the fees published here and those approved by the UOIT Board of Governors and/or administration, the latter shall prevail.

No ancillary fees will be refunded after the first 10 lecture days in any semester.