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Tuition and fees

Undergraduate tuition and fees

Tuition at Ontario universities is based on four factors:

  • Provincial government policy
  • The student’s university and program
  • Whether the student is considered domestic (Canadian citizen, permanent resident or convention refugee) or international
  • The student’s year of study

Year of study

Year of study is determined by the number of credit hours you have completed, not the number of years you’ve been at university. For example, if you’ve earned 50 credit hours, you are classified as Year 2 student. You may actually be in third year, but for tuition purposes you’re considered to be in Year 2.

Student classification (for tuition)

Number of credit hours earned

Year 1

0 to 23

Year 2

24 to 53

Year 3

54 to 83

Year 4

84 to 113

Year 5


In addition to:

you must pay:

Some of these fees vary by program and a few apply only to specific programs. There are a number of funding sources available to help pay for the cost of your university degree, including:

To learn more about these funding sources, or to discuss your university finances with one of our counsellors, please visit our Student Awards and Financial Aid web page or contact our Financial Aid office at 905.721.3190 or