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Payment options

There are a variety of ways to pay your tuition fees, compulsory ancillary fees and program-associated fees.

Important: It may take five business days for payment to post to your MyCampus account. It’s important that your fees are paid at least five days before your scheduled laptop distribution session.

Methods of payment

Accepted methods of payment include:

Deferred methods of payment

Deferred payment methods include:

Unaccepted methods of payment

UOIT does not accept payment of tuition fees, compulsory ancillary fees and program-associated fees by:

  • cash
  • credit card
  • non-certified/personal cheque

If you wish to use any of these methods, please contact your financial institution and make an Internet or telephone banking payment through them.

Payments for residence and meal plans

Any residence or mandatory meal plan payments must be made through Campus Living Centres. Please log into My Housing Portal for more information or to submit payment.