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Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

If you choose to pay your tuition using OSAP funding you must meet the following conditions for an OSAP deferral: 

  1. You must have given permission on your OSAP application for funds to be sent to UOIT for tuition payment. If you did not give permission, all tuition is due by the posted deadlines. Please visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid office (SAFA) if you want your OSAP sent directly to UOIT.
  2. If you don’t have sufficient OSAP funds to cover tuition, the difference must be paid by the deadlines. Please make an appointment with a Financial Aid officer in the SAFA office if you are having difficulties with tuition payment.
  3. Throughout the academic year, emails about OSAP deferments and/or outstanding balances will be communicated to the appropriate students. There are no forms to be completed.  

Please contact Student Awards and Financial Aid for more information.