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What to do if you get an error



Link error

This course requires registration in more than one section (e.g. lecture, lab and/or tutorial). You must register for each part of the course at the same time.

Closed section

There are currently no seats available in this course section. Other sections of this course may still have seats available.

Prerequisite error

The course section you are trying to add requires a prerequisite. Contact the Registrar’s office at 905.721.3190 or by email for further details.

Missing co-requisite

The course section you are trying to add requires a co-requisite. You must register in both courses concurrently.

Duplicate CRN

You have already registered for the course section that you are trying to add.

Maximum hours exceeded

Your total number of credit hours exceeds the maximum number allowed for this term. If you have to take extra courses, you will require permission from your faculty.

Time conflict

This course section conflicts with another course in your schedule and cannot be added.

SR-student restrictions

Please call the Registrar’s office for assistance at 905.721.3190.

College restrictions

The college restriction occurs either when a course has been specifically reserved for students in a certain program or when students from a certain program are not permitted to take a course. Please contact the appropriate faculty academic advisor.