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Are you okay? Emergency/Crisis

Emergency information and service disruptions


The Office of the Registrar is working to reschedule all exams that were cancelled due to inclement weather April 14 and 16.

Updates including date, time and location will be posted to Tuesday, April 17, by 10 a.m.


Winter weather can often cause concern and confusion among students, faculty and staff. Questions arise about whether the campus remains open or closed during winter weather.

Winter weather can range from snow flurries to full-out blizzards. Depending on the weather, different organizations–public and private–will follow their own protocols and best practices. Do not assume that if a school board decides to cancel its school buses, that our campus is closed.

Most days the campus remains open and activities remain unaffected.

If winter weather results in situations that affect the teaching or working environment (such as power outages) or situations that place members of the university community at risk, the university will post information about the campus situation on this web page as quickly as possible.

Depending on the situation, the university will also:

  • Issue information on social media.
  • Forward messages to regional radio and television stations.
  • Communicate via other means, as needed.

At all times, regardless of weather conditions, the university reminds you to allow for plenty of time to get to the campus, and to travel with due caution and care, especially if you are in an area heavily affected by the weather. As well, if you are in an area heavily affected by the weather and cannot get to campus, contact your supervisor or professor regarding your absence.

If a decision is made to close the campus, this will be posted on this web page where all the necessary details will be provided.

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