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Campus identification

Your campus identification (ID) card is one of the most important pieces of ID you have on campus. A valid card permits your access to many important

  • facilities
  • resources
  • services

Important information regarding your campus identification card:

  • Campus ID cards will be available in July, once students have registered and chosen all of their classes.
  • All new students are encouraged to visit us as soon as possible in July and August once they have been able to finalize their timetables.
  • All returning students are encouraged to visit us starting in July, once they have chosen all of their classes, to validate last year's card. If you are a full-time student, your card will include your U-Pass. Just present us with last year's ID card.
  • January start students can pick up their ID cards any time after December 18.

Use of this card is governed by university policies. The person identified is fully responsible for transactions made with the card or use of campus property authorized by this card. Lost or damaged cards must be reported immediately to the Campus Identification office. This card is the property of the university and must be surrendered on request by Campus Security. The university assumes no liability arising out of or in respect to third-party services facilitated through the use of this card.