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Communications and Marketing services

Digital signage

Digital signage at UOIT serves as a visual medium that is used to inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about events, announcements and other important information occurring on and around campus. This information includes (but is not limited to):

  • Current news and weather;
  • Engaging content (trivia, contests, etc.);  
  • Emergency announcements;
  • Events;
  • Live events; and
  • Programs.

Digital signage enables faculties and departments to push out targeted messages to specific locations across campus.

Event planning services

The Communications and Marketing department works with faculties and various UOIT departments to plan and execute many major events throughout the year. If you require assistance for upcoming events, please contact us at ext. 6711 or by email at to discuss your event planning needs.

Graphic design services

The Communications and Marketing department provides professional graphic design services for materials such as invitations, flyers, brochures, advertisements, magazines, banners and posters. It is expected that all promotional materials, particularly those using the UOIT logo, be submitted in advance to our department to ensure they are consistent with UOIT policies and standards.

Media relations

A key role of our department is to provide information to and maintain a positive relationship with the news media. These relationships are essential to how special announcements, academic programming and other significant news and events are communicated through the print, broadcast and electronic media.

Staff and faculty wishing to publicize an achievement, activity or event are asked to contact a communications officer to discuss appropriate media coverage.

One of our other important functions is to connect the media with UOIT experts who can provide comment on media inquiries. This raises UOIT's profile while also providing the media with knowledgeable and accessible expertise. We also arrange media training and provide assistance to university staff and faculty who speak with the media.

Photography and videography

The Communications and Marketing department will provide photography or video services at your event provided the images captured can be used in Communications and Marketing material, including the website and digital signage, towards building the brand and reputation of the university. 

Promotional Items

Get creative with UOIT’s new and improved promotional catalogue. Powered by PROforma Allen Stern Marketing, this site offers ideas and inspiration for your next corporate gift or promotional order.
Physical samples of commonly ordered items are on display in the staff lounge which is located in the RBC room in the Business and Information Technology Building.

Shop online at your convenience by visiting

Please direct product and order inquiries to Proforma Allen Stern Marketing at or 289.597.5040. 
Other inquiries may be directed internally to Melissa Price at

Public relations

The Communications and Marketing department provides full public relations services, including writing, graphic design, speakers' remarks, promotional materials, media relations, advertising and event planning. We urge internal stakeholders who are planning special events to contact us at to ensure there are no conflicting dates and that event materials incorporate UOIT's communications standards, design criteria and overall image.


UOIT's marketing representatives and research team use many methods to research our position and messages. This allows us to learn about our strengths, weaknesses, audience values and competitive environment. This research is used to design and develop materials that best meet the goals of UOIT as a whole, as well as individual faculties and departments.


UOIT websites are considered communication vehicles of our institution and as such, are governed by the same graphics and messaging standards as printed publications. Consistent graphics, design, navigation and images are essential to well-organized and user-friendly sites that promote the best aspects of our university. Equally important, we strive to ensure the content is accurate, current and well-written.

What to consider

Lead time - The Communications and Marketing department is an extremely busy department with a wide variety of projects underway at all time. We ask for as much lead time as possible to ensure the materials or services we produce are accurate, are of the highest quality, and can be delivered on time. Please contact us well in advance at to discuss and schedule your project.

Checklist - At the outset of your project or event, please consider the following:

  • Target audience
  • Purpose of the publication or event
  • Deadline or event date
  • Possible internal/external approvals
  • Photography
  • Colour
  • Size and quantity
  • Budget
  • Any other special considerations
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