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Web and digital media

The Communications and Marketing department provides professional website, social media and digital signage services in support of the university’s vision and mission. The following is a quick summary of the services we provide, along with links to each section for more information:

Web and CMS

UOIT websites are governed by the same graphics and messaging standards as print publications. Consistent graphics, design, navigation and images are essential to well-organized and user friendly sites that promote the best aspects of our university. Equally important, we strive to ensure the content is accurate, current and well written. More information on our website services can be found by reviewing our web and CMS section, where you will find information on our content management system, guidelines, training, request forms and more.

Social media

It is important for all university faculty, staff and students to be aware of social media and how social technologies can help to create and nurture relationships, share information, advance knowledge, raise awareness, build support, participate in important conversations and collaborate on new ideas. Our social media pages contain links to our social websites, as well as information on guidelines, participation, request forms and more.

Digital signage

The UOIT Digital signage network serves as a visual medium that is used to inform students, faculty, staff and visitors about events, announcements and other important information occurring on and around campus. This information includes:

  • Current news and events;
  • Engaging content (trivia, contests, etc.);
  • Emergency announcements;
  • Live events;
  • Programs; and
  • Weather.

Using the digital signage network, members of the campus community can target messages to specific locations across campus.

Our digital signage pages contain information on this network, including:

  • Content request forms;
  • Guidelines;
  • Sign locations; and
  • Signage hardware installation requests.
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