Peers Recognizing Achievements in Standout Employees

Maria Barrese

Administration Ninja & Patience Guru

I wish to recognize Maria for her incredible professionalism and patience. She is truly amazing to deal with at all times and never ceases to amaze me with her ability to make things come together under challenging circumstances. Especially with the tours I am generally responsible for bringing to ACE, there is often very little notice and almost always changes in schedules or dates. Maria is always understanding and even keeled when things need to pivot and always does her best to make it work. I'm sure on many occasions she's wanted to throw a shoe at me, but to her credit she only smiles! ;) Thanks for everything you do Maria and all your patience.

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Crystal Grant

Admissions Officer
Registrars Office

Crystal, in her short time in admissions, has contributed to increasing efficiency and accuracy on our team. Crystal created a tool that assists the team with adjudicating applications and ensuring we are consistent in our calculations. Also, Crystal's ability to see the big picture has been refreshing. She has voiced her support of retention, relationship-building with applicants and bettering our communication with applicants. Thanks Crystal!

Nominated by Lavorn Hunt

Valeri Kapoustine

Senior Teaching Professor
Faculty of Science

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for Val's hard work and efforts today to clean up space that is being converted to a different use. It's not a fun job but very important and I appreciate his time and effort to help to move the project forward. Thanks Val!

Nominated by L'naya Russell

Marta Pardo

Front Desk Clerk, Field House

Marta was a HUGE help in planning our annual office professional development/year end celebration. We rented the field house for the morning and Marta came in early just to help us set up. She went far above and beyond what was required and assisted with both set up and take down of the event. She was a joy to work with and our office feels the event would not have been a success without all of her support.

Thank you Marta!

Nominated by Candice Krull

Hui Zhu

Associate Professor
Faculty of Business and Information Technology

Hui - I really appreciated you making the time to support the Delegation from Shandong Province yesterday. It was incredibly valuable to have you there being able to talk about some of our existing collaborations with institutions in Shandong. You were a fantastic Ambassador for UOIT and your Faculty and I thank you for your involvement.

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Patrick Hung

Faculty of Business and Information Technology

Patrick, thanks very much for your participation in the recent Delegation from Shandong Province. Your contributions added another element of depth to the dialogue and you were an excellent Ambassador for both UOIT and your Faculty.

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Joe Miller

IP Officer
Office of the VP of Research and Innovation

Thanks for making yourself available to support the Delegation from Shandong Province, Joe. Your insights and perspectives were really valuable additions to the discussion and your willingness to participate was very much appreciated. It was great to have you so involved in the discussion and it was an important element in our guests feeling positive about the meeting. Thank You!

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Akira Tokuhiro

Faculty of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science

Thank you very much for making yourself available for the recent Delegation from Shandong Province to UOIT. Especially given the last-minute nature of this meeting and the many competing priorities demanding your time, it was deeply appreciated that you made time for this. Your ideas on possible collaboration and insights were very well received and added considerable value to the discussions. The Delegation followed-up post-visit indicating they felt very good about the meeting and potential for future collaboration and a deeper relationship and it was in no small part due to your participation.

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Lee Bazely

Program Coordinator

Always willing to help out when needed, Lee has been a great source of assistance to the Management Development Centre. Throughout 2018 we have been short staffed and occasionally, we have had the need to reach out and ask for help. Whether we needed help with classroom logistics or need a resource for historical information, Lee is always willing to help despite her own busy schedule. Thank you Lee!

Nominated by Michelle Aarons

Deanna Frost

Program Assistant

Deanna, thank you so so much for helping me organize the high school Capture the Flag competition during one of the busiest times of the year (final exam period) for you. The event could not have happened nor been so incredible without your assistance. Your dedication to making the entire Faculty's work-life better and easier is truly remarkable. Your hard work is immensely appreciated.

Nominated by Brianna McKay