Peers Recognizing Achievements in Standout Employees

Ryan McCormick

Shipping and Receiving

Ryan is consistently reliable in shipping materials to important external stakeholders, going above and beyond our expectations in timeliness and efficiency. - It is always a pleasant experience to work with him as he is friendly, communicative and gets things done ahead of schedule. His positive contributions means our team feels confident shipping important items and the job will be done well. - Thank you Ryan!

Nominated by Lydia Stewart-Goodison

Karyn Douglas

Office Assistant
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

Karyn's assistance in helping to organizing the downtown portion of a multi-faculty external reviewer site visit was invaluable. She took the time to help figure out logistics, offered suggestions, and went over and above acting as our downtown liaison without ever being asked. Thank you Karyn, for helping to make this site visit a success. You are a pleasure to work with, and everything you did was greatly appreciated.

Nominated by Clarissa Livingstone

Amy Neil

Manager of Projects and Event Services

Amy, thanks as always to both you and Sam for being the best event ninjas I've ever worked with. Today's event would not have run nearly as smoothly without your involvement and support. Thanks for always going out of your way to support a colleague and making us look like we know what we're doing when we have dignitaries visit. Your attention to detail is absolutely second to none and your supportive approach is a big part of why we have such a great Team culture here. Thanks for making the time today. Matthew

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Samantha Cook

Events Coordinator
Communications and Marketing

Sam - as always, thanks for being so willing to help out the GR guy when he's trying to pull an event together. As always, you were incredibly supportive and made the whole event run smoothly and caught all the things I overlooked. Thanks for being such a great colleague and always being so willing to support others. You're the best.

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Beth Partlow

Human Resources Specialist, Organizational Development
Human Resources

Beth's introduction of the book club as a professional development activity has met my need for connecting and networking with other employees while at the same time helping with my growth and development of specific skills. It is a great way for employees to learn while creating community and stimulating discussion. Thanks Beth!

Nominated by Lavorn Hunt

Jennifer Racine

Student Awards Officer
Student Awards and Financial Aid

I have had the pleasure of working directly with Jenn for the past two years and cannot express how thankful I am to have her as a co-worker. She always takes the time to ensure her team feels supported no matter what else she has on her plate. Jenn is the type of person who wears many hats around the office, but never ceases to eagerly take on each new project with a creative and positive outlook. Her flexibility and resourcefulness in the face of change has been inspiring to me. Jenn greets each day with a bright smile and a unique sense of humour that makes her someone people enjoy being around. She is constantly going far above and beyond the call of duty and never expects anything in return. Jenn, thank you for all you have shown me and for being my role model. Thank you for continuing to provide direction and stability to our office in an ever-changing environment, and for teaching me that in fact, not all heroes wear capes.

Nominated by Candice Krull

Beth Partlow

HR Specialist

Beth has demonstrated tremendous problem solving, resourcefulness, and adaptability with facilitating the kickoff for the Citizen to Leader program. She was able to manage multiple extenuating circumstances outside of her control in a calm and confident way to ensure the training experience was the best it could be. She also has been instrumental in helping to set up training for the Academic Advisors and guiding us to ensure our programming is comprehensive and timely. Her ability to multitask different training programs in a short amount of time is remarkable.

Nominated by Kerry Morrison

Joanne Nickle

Sr. Executive Assistant
External Relations & Advancement

I want to recognize you for always going over and above to help out a colleague or the Team as a whole and somehow keep everything moving forward and the train on the tracks. Not sure how you manage to do as much as you do and still absorb more when someone needs a hand or the unforeseen crops up.

Also - you manage to maintain a wicked sense of humour no matter what the issue of the day, or moment, may be.

Thanks for being an awesome colleague!

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Ken Bright

Director of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability
Office of Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability

Thanks very much Ken for, along with Nadia, making the time to speak to the group of students External Relations had visiting campus back in April.

Their curriculum was focused on sustainability and the presentation and tour that you and Nadia gave absolutely exceeded all expectations. They were very impressed with both your knowledge and all of the exciting initiatives related to sustainability that OCIS has on the go.

I know you have many competing priorities on your time and really did appreciate you carving out a window to be a part of this visit.

Many thanks Ken,


Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Nadia Harduar

Asset and Sustainability Planner
Office Of Campus Infrastructure & Sustainability

Thank you Nadia for making the time back in April to speak to the group of Students who External Relations had coordinated visiting Campus. Taking the time out of your day to speak to them and talk about all the great things UOIT is doing related to sustainability was really appreciated. The teachers and students loved the presentation!

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie