Peers Recognizing Achievements in Standout Employees

Brittany McFarlane

Academic Advisor

Theeben and I would like to thank-you for your amazing contributions to the team and your willingness to tackle competing priorities while continuing to be organised and calm. Without your support the services we offer would not be the same!

Nominated by Holly MacPherson

Caroline Ferguson

Faculty Development Officer
Teaching and Learning center

I would like to recognize Caroline Ferguson for her endless efforts as a faculty development officer.
Caroline is very enthusiastic and supportive and always available for help. In particular, I have the chance to closely work with her in developing a mastery module for engineering courses in which we intend to make assignments online to facilitate students' learning experience and reduce the chance of academic misconduct. Caroline has no hesitation to go above and beyond her normal job requirement to improve the faculty and of course students' experience. Our institution is in urgent need of such dedicated people for further development. She a role model for what President Murphy has referred to as being disruptive in academia, as she consistently inspires positive change.

Nominated by Sayyed Ali Hosseini

Matthew Bramham

Technology Support Analyst

I had to deal with two crises this term; one related to technology in the classroom and one related to my laptop. Matthew went above and beyond in both cases. Not only did he offer to assist, he came to my classes during quizzes, visited my office, texted back and forth while I was in a panic, and ensured that things ran smoothly by intervening whenever he could. He made two extremely stressful situations much easier on me, and never once made me feel like a bother. He deserves all the praise!

Nominated by Shilpa Dogra

Amanda Long

Records Coordinator
Office of the Registrar

In my time at UOIT, I have had to work with Amanda on individual student/applicant cases and at those times of the year during which work with our embedded program students abounds. She is always very patient, seeks to understand what is involved, and proceeds to complete processes seamlessly, while providing helpful feedback. The foregoing add to a positive work environment. Thank you, Amanda!

Nominated by Dan Vassiliou

Kailey Chrisp

Records Scheduling Clerk
Office of the Registrar

Kailey is very professional, a keen problem solver, and shows great patience, which contribute to a positive work environment. My interactions with Kailey pertain primarily to our embedded students, occurring a few times a year. While the processes involved are complex and challenging, Kailey has made sure that they proceed smoothly. Thank you, Kailey!

Nominated by Dan Vassiliou

Nancy Giddings

Graduate Services Assistant
School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies

Nancy, thank you for always being willing to help out! I really appreciate you taking the time to pick up the student prizes for me.

Thank you also for the joy you are in the office! Your enthusiasm on our team does not go unnoticed.

Nominated by Andrea Brown

Maria Barrese

Administration Ninja & Patience Guru

I wish to recognize Maria for her incredible professionalism and patience. She is truly amazing to deal with at all times and never ceases to amaze me with her ability to make things come together under challenging circumstances. Especially with the tours I am generally responsible for bringing to ACE, there is often very little notice and almost always changes in schedules or dates. Maria is always understanding and even keeled when things need to pivot and always does her best to make it work. I'm sure on many occasions she's wanted to throw a shoe at me, but to her credit she only smiles! ;) Thanks for everything you do Maria and all your patience.

Nominated by Matthew Mackenzie

Crystal Grant

Admissions Officer
Registrars Office

Crystal, in her short time in admissions, has contributed to increasing efficiency and accuracy on our team. Crystal created a tool that assists the team with adjudicating applications and ensuring we are consistent in our calculations. Also, Crystal's ability to see the big picture has been refreshing. She has voiced her support of retention, relationship-building with applicants and bettering our communication with applicants. Thanks Crystal!

Nominated by Lavorn Hunt

Valeri Kapoustine

Senior Teaching Professor
Faculty of Science

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for Val's hard work and efforts today to clean up space that is being converted to a different use. It's not a fun job but very important and I appreciate his time and effort to help to move the project forward. Thanks Val!

Nominated by L'naya Russell

Marta Pardo

Front Desk Clerk, Field House

Marta was a HUGE help in planning our annual office professional development/year end celebration. We rented the field house for the morning and Marta came in early just to help us set up. She went far above and beyond what was required and assisted with both set up and take down of the event. She was a joy to work with and our office feels the event would not have been a success without all of her support.

Thank you Marta!

Nominated by Candice Krull