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1. UOIT Student Part -Time Employment Opportunities:

About the positions :

Part-time positions are available in all UOIT libraries during the academic year and summer. During the academic year (September to April) the libraries usually have positions available through the University Works program. During the summer term (May - August) positions available through the equivalent Summer Works program. Contract positions are often also available during the academic term and in the summer.

Available positions and instructions for applying are posted on My Campus.

Frequently Asked Questions :

When do we hire?

Fall/Winter Hiring - Part-time positions commence at the beginning of the academic year in September and end in April of the following year. During the academic year, there will be limited number of part-time positions hiring for replacement.

Most positions are posted in late August or early September, the beginning of the academic year. As necessary there will be occasional posting and hiring during the academic year.

Summer Hiring - There will be limited number of full-time and part-time positions in the summer (May to August). Positions are normally posted in late March or early April.

Who do we hire?

Successful candidates will meet the posted qualifications for the position. Part-time employees hired under the University Works and Summer Works programs must also meet the qualifications set out in the program.

2. Non Student Part-time and Full-time Employment Opportunities:

All available UOIT positions and instructions for applying are posted on the UOIT Human Resources website.

All available Durham College positions and instructions for applying are posted on the Durham College Human Resources website.

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