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FAQ's about IT issues in the Library

Printing questions

Q. I sent a document to the printer but it did not print. Why?

A. Check the page about printing, which details different scenarios.

Q. I printed a pdf document from my browser but it looks strange. Why?

A. You need to use the print function of Acrobat and not of the browser. Check the instructions.

Q. My documents are printed on both sides of the paper. How do I change that?

A. Read the instructions here.

Other questions

Q. I click on a link to access an article, but nothing happens. Why?

A. Check to make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off. Here is how.

Q. I click on a link in an electronic book from CRC press. Nothing happens. Why?

A. Make sure that the PDF copy opens within a browser and not within Adobe Acrobat. Hyperlinks may not open from Acrobat. If this happens, press the control key and the letter "K" simultaneously, and from the internet settings on the left make sure that "display PDF in browser" is checked. 

Q. Why am I asked for user name and password when I try to access an article?

A. Most electronic resources licensed by the library are secured for UOIT students, staff, and faculty. The library uses EZ proxy technology to authenticate users. (See also next question) You need to use your computer log-in credentials. If you encounter errors, contact the IT help desk via telephone: 905-721-3333 Option 1.

Q. Can I access library electronic texts or databases from off-campus?

A. Yes, you may by clicking on the URL of the resource from our library web pages. The EZ proxy technology ensures your remote access. (See also previous question). More details here.

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